We are dedicated to making wines full of energy, with the number one goal of truly capturing a place and time in each bottle. We work closely with our farmers to achieve this goal, and consider them to be the true inspiration of our work. Cheers to them for growing such beautiful fruit, and to you for reading this.  You’re a bunch of gems.

-Ross & Bee

Temperance Hill Vineyard | Eola-Amity Hills AVA

Dai Crisp

Dai Crisp went to school at OSU for theatre and photo-journalism, and then earned a MFA at UC Irvine.  After returning to Oregon from his studies, he went on to “do what you do when you leave acting school” and began working vineyards in the southern end of the Willamette Valley.  He planted his family’s farm, Wren Vineyard, in 1985 and never looked back.  Always farming organically, he began doing vineyard management for a number of well-regarded wineries in the area.  He has been at the helm of Temperance Hill for the past 18 years and is considered to be one of the best wine growers in the state.  He and his wife PK started their own wine label, Lumos Wines, in 2000.

Temperance Hill is a cooler site, consisting of varying slopes and exposures.  The vineyard looks straight out over the Van Duzer corridor, the large break in the Oregon coast line, receiving the full effects of the famed afternoon winds that pull in cooler air from the Pacific ocean, allowing great ripening capabilities in the area.

Acres under vine80
Years Planted1981. Nevada Block (our gris!) in the early 90s.
FarmingCertified Organic
SoilRitner, Nekia

"Thistle Block" Haakon/Lenai Vineyard | Dundee Hills AVA

Cody Wright

Acres under vine27
Years Planted2000
FarmingCertified Organic

Nemarniki Vineyard | Chehalem Mountains AVA

Diane Nemarnik

Diane Nemarnik farms a little slice of paradise in the Chehalem Mountain range.  Diane come from a family that has a rich history in farming and produce.  She wanted to own and operate a vineyard since she was in high school.  “I think it was just something that was in my blood.”

Acres under vine6 and counting
Years Planted2011, 2012, 2013, 2019
Farmingdry farmed, in process of Organic certification

Mae's Vineyard / Steelhead Run Vineyard | Applegate Valley

Herb Quady

Hi Herb!

Beckenridge Vineyard | Willamette Valley

Ken Jacroux

Ken and his wife Becky (hence BEC(K)EN RIDGE) purchased the then Ellandale vineyard in the late 90s.  It was originally planted in 1976 by the Hudson family.  After retiring from their respective careers in Seattle (Becky in telecommunications, and Ken in system engineering), they decided they wanted to return to their home state and begin farming.  When they firs came in control of the vineyard, neither of them has any previous experience. “These last 19 years have been our best jobs ever.  After multiple careers and things we’ve done, these years of farming have been the best.”

Acres under vine12.75
Years Planted1976
FarmingIn transition to certified organic
SoilJory / Loam

Johan Vineyard | Willamette Valley

Dag Sundby | Dan Rinke | Morgan Hall

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FarmingCertified Biodynamic