Our wines are created with minimal input, to best represent the vineyards and farmers each of them start with.  Cheers to them for growing such beautiful fruit, and to you for reading this. You’re a bunch of gems.

Ross & Bee

Maloof Wines is a husband-and-wife winery team based in Forest Grove, OR. We are dedicated to making wines full of energy, with the number one goal of truly capturing a place and time in each bottle. We work closely with our farmers to achieve this goal, and consider them to be the true inspiration of our work. We are focused on producing single vineyard wines of often overlooked or misunderstood white varieties, in addition to making some fun and funky Cuvées of all colors.


Eat pizza, suck glass.

The Maloofs

A true yin and yang team. One materials engineer grounded in hard science, and one restaurant professional with a sensory aligned M.O. Two nerds with a penchant for good hospitality and properly fermented pizza dough.

Bee Maloof represents the hard science behind the project.  Prior to playing with grapes, she worked for close to a decade as a materials science engineer within the aerospace industry. As a long-time lover of food and wine, Bee turned her scientific eye from rotorcraft to winemaking during the 2016 harvest.

Ross Maloof broke into the production side of the wine industry initially by traveling to Oregon to visit some friends, and ended up working harvest in the Willamette Valley. Prior to getting his first taste for winemaking, he worked for just over a decade in the Philadelphia dining scene, with a huge focus on beverage.

Maloof Wines has been making juice since 2015, and today are proudly produced alongside our best pals from Fossil & Fawn at our estate vineyard, No Clos Radio, just outside of Forest Grove, OR. 

Don’t you dare hesitate to reach out to us!

Yours in grapes n such,
Ross & Bee